Will Labor Day lead to more cases?

I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with my family, and had the luxury of not thinking every minute about covid-19. I felt a bit guilty about taking so many days off, but now I’m ready to resume my posts, much to the chagrin of a few redditors who might have been hoping I was gone forever.

The big question of the day, of course, is if the Labor Day weekend will presage a dramatic rise in cases, as we saw after Memorial Day. I’ll pay special attention to that in the charts on today’s update.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post an article by “BB”, a healthcare consultant who has been working with me, on vaccines for covid.

In California, we’re going through an unprecedented fire season. Yesterday in LA County, it hit a high of 121 degrees. There’s little doubt this is a byproduct of global warming. The response by Republicans to global warming is just like the pandemic – either pretending it’s not there, or drastically downplaying the consequences. The Venn diagram for climate change deniers and covid deniers is pretty close to a circle. The result is the same: all of society pays for this ignorance and rejection of science.

Before the charts, the regular messages:

Election Day is in 56 Days

Tired of this trumpian dystopia? Your vote counts, no matter where you live. So plan now: check your registration, make sure your family and friends do that, and motivate others to save our country. And don’t wait until the last minute to drop your ballot in the mail!

Updated numbers available, even if not in this post

Interactive pages on zorgi.me:

Today’s Charts

Today I’ll cover national and state data; tomorrow I’ll cover counties and cities/zips in SD county.


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