Rage against the dying of the light

Most of you have heard about Bob Woodward’s new book, Rage. I realized that I had made an error about trump. I assumed that he downplayed the dangers of covid-19 out stupidity and arrogance. It turns out that he knew very well how dangerous the virus was, but decided to hide this fact from the American public. If the trump apologists cared about facts, this would be a pretty hard pill to swallow in their attempt to whitewash the treachery of the president’s response to the pandemic. However, we know that for most of them, reality on Earth 1 isn’t important.

As we approach the 200,000 mark in deaths, it’s worth taking stock of just how deadly our so-called American exceptionalism is. In Taiwan, where government officials jumped on the pandemic right away, there are a grand total of 499 cases and 7 deaths. Yes, Taiwan has a much smaller population of 23.8M people. If we normalize their results, that would mean around 7,000 cases total and 100 deaths.

“Oh, but you can’t compare the US to Taiwan,” the trump apologists claim. I’ve read all the supposed reasons why hundreds of times. This argument shows how far we’ve fallen. I want to live in a country where we strive to be the best, not the worst. Our goal should be to emulate the countries that have done things the right way, not to use the worst countries as examples to make us look better.

We don’t need to wonder what four more years of trump will bring; it’s already here. Massive forest fires. A pandemic with one of the worst outcomes in the world. Unemployment over 8%. Twice as many Blacks killed by police as Whites.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Where are people catching covid-19?

The CDC just released a paper that had some interesting insights. It turns ou that restaurants and bars are prime candidates. The paper cites two things that may cause this: inadequate ventilation systems, and the inability to wear masks while eating and drinking.

Among patients with COVID-19, 42% had close contact with confirmed cases in the 2 weeks prior to testing, compared with 4% among a control group of adults with negative tests. The researchers found adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were almost twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Election Day is in 50 Days

Democracy or autocracy: that’s what this election is about. Your vote counts, no matter where you live. Check your registration, make sure your family and friends do that, and motivate others to save our democracy. And don’t wait until the last minute to drop your ballot in the mail!

Have you completed your census form? If not, please DO IT!

Updated numbers available, even if not in this post

Interactive pages on zorgi.me:

Today’s charts – national and state data

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