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Orange County – All Critical Metrics

This chart enables you to see how all the critical metrics pertaining to the county operate in conjunction with each other. Some of the daily metrics – cases, fatalities and tests – are based on 7 day moving averages. Daily patients and daily ICU patients are from the CA HHS database. The positivity rate is derived from the daily case number divided by the daily case number. All the metrics except for testing totals come from the CA HHS database. Testing numbers come from the Orange County Public Health Dept.

Tests, Cases and Positivity Rate

Daily cases (the blue column) are a 7 day moving average. Daily tests (the beige area) are also a 7 day moving average. The positivity rate (red line) is derived by dividing the number for daily tests on a given day by the number of cases on the same day.

Hospitalization Data

This chart shows the most critical hospital metrics, compiled by the Bed counts are from the American Hospital Directory and may not be accurate, since they are from before the pandemic.

Fatality Data

Daily fatalities are based on a 7 day moving average. Fatality doubling days are calculated by taking the current day and going back in time until the fatalities were half the amount of the current day. The case fatality rate (CFR) is calculated by taking fatalities today divided by cases two weeks prior. The ICU Fatality Ratio (IFR) is calculated by taking fatalities today divided by daily ICU patients from one week ago. The IFR is simply a ratio; it does not mean that that percentage of ICU patients die.

Historical Data: Cumulative Cases & Daily Cases from March 2020 to Present

Historical Data: Cumulative Fatalities & Daily Fatalities from March 2020 to Present

Zorgi Score Table

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