These are the sources for the data appearing in my updates.

Daily Update on coronavirus in San Diego County. This is a PDF that only has data for the current day. Generally updated around 5pm daily. They also publish a daily pdf on cases by city within San Diego.

San Diego County COVID-19 Statistics by Zip Code. This is a downloadable table showing zip, cases count, and date. This is the source for all my zip code data on cases for San Diego County.

CA State hospital data. Downloadable table showing date, county, suspected patients, confirmed patients, total patients, total hospital beds, suspected ICU patients, positive ICU patients, and ICU beds available. This is the source for all my county related hospital data.

CA State case data. Downloadable table showing date, county, total cases, total deaths, new cases, and new deaths. This is the source for all my county related case and fatality data.

The COVID Tracking Project. Downloadable statistics on new tests, positives, negatives, total tests, pending tests, current hospitalizations, deaths, and total tests. This is the source for all my state-related data.

Worldometer statistics for countries around the world. This is not a downloadable table, and there is no API for it. But it is the most reputable data source for this data. – the source for Rt calculations for the States. There are many Rt models. This page can be used to get Rt (or as they call it, Reff) for counties in CA. Unfortunately, no API.

Testing in various states and counties. None of these sites have API’s or downloadable data. They do provide daily totals.

Here are some other resources you may find useful

Johns Hopkins map – the original source for up to date COVID info.

Our World in Data – statistics on a wide variety of data from around the world.

IHME models for cases, deaths, and hospitalizations around the world.

Tracking our COVID-19 Response – Each state’s progress toward a new normal, updated daily.

Our World in Data has great charts on every facet of the pandemic. Even better, they encourage reuse, embeds, and download of their datasets.

Rt is the effective rate of transmission, and a guide to how safe it is for a locality to open up. This is an interactive map showing Rt for various countries around the world.

The following county resource lists are only meant to get you started. SD and LA have some excellent websites, and you should consider making them part of your daily routine.

The CDC still does weekly reporting on COVID. Cases, testing serology, etc. It’s a wealth of information.

San Diego County Resources

  • Triggers Dashboard – a list of 13 metrics SD is looking at in determining what to open up and when to do it.
  • Daily Dashboard – all the stats showing new cases, fatalities, etc.
  • FAQ – answers to some of the most common questions about COVID

Los Angeles County Resources

  1. Daily COVID-19 Data – the county has a brand new dashboard showing cases, testing, positivity rate, deaths, and hospitalizations.
  2. Racial, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic Data – a lengthy report on how COVID-19 has affected people in these areas, well worth reading