COVID Update – Nov. 27, 2020

First, I would like to thank everyone who read and commented on my last update. I have to say, I was totally bowled over by the response. At my age, I’m not a social media oriented guy. I deleted my FB account years ago. I have no Twitter account. I was kicked out of NextDoor

Think You’ll Escape COVID by Coming to San Diego? Think Again!

This update is dedicated to all the folks from LA who think they’ll escape COVID-19 by coming to San Diego. I’m not going to offer much commentary today — just tables and charts that hopefully will convince you that none of the counties in southern CA are safe.  Look at the mCharts on LD2 for

Correlations – COVID & Income, Race, etc. *

Commentary, June 11, 2020 Today it’s almost all about San Diego – city and county. Most of the big charts will be from 13 cities within the county and the 10 zip codes most heavily affected by COVID-19 in the county. By the way, the slides are labeled “A” through “K”, so I’ll just refer