Open the schools! Now? *

Aren’t these great images? Kids back in school, where they belong. Parents back at work. Sure, there are masks, and the kids are far away from each other, but they’re learning, and that’s what’s important. Teachers are there in person, which is what they’ve trained so hard to do. Trouble is, these pictures aren’t from

Teachers and students aren’t cannon fodder *

“To be very clear, we don’t want CDC guidance to be a reason why people don’t reopen their schools” VP Pence, head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, July 14, 2020 In fewer than 20 words, Pence has perfectly described the anti-science, dangerous stance of the federal government regarding the reopening of public schools.

Attacks on retail workers must stop too! *

More and more articles are coming out documenting the harassment and threatening behavior essential expendable retail workers have to endure every day. We’ve all heard about the Starbucks employee who got $100,000 in case after a video of a Karen berating him went viral. But the vast majority of retail workers subjected to this behavior

Attacks on Public Health Officers Must Stop *

The anti-maskers aren’t content to spout their nonsense at public meetings with health officials. They won’t stop until they drive these hard-working public servants out of office entirely, to be replaced with toadies who will follow the White House line. In Orange County, undergoing one of the biggest outbreaks in California, these troglodytes attacked Dr.