Attacks on Public Health Officers Must Stop *

The anti-maskers aren’t content to spout their nonsense at public meetings with health officials. They won’t stop until they drive these hard-working public servants out of office entirely, to be replaced with toadies who will follow the White House line. In Orange County, undergoing one of the biggest outbreaks in California, these troglodytes attacked Dr.

Think You’ll Escape COVID by Coming to San Diego? Think Again!

This update is dedicated to all the folks from LA who think they’ll escape COVID-19 by coming to San Diego. I’m not going to offer much commentary today — just tables and charts that hopefully will convince you that none of the counties in southern CA are safe.  Look at the mCharts on LD2 for

Success & Failure — Data from 7 Countries

Periodically, I think it’s a good idea to compare the U.S. overall to other countries around the world. I’ve been following 7 countries since the pandemic began, and an update is due. The metrics readily available and uniform are very limited. There’s no testing data, no hospitalization info, no Rt calculations, etc. We have cases