Weekly COVID Update – Dec. 18, 2020

The Data Ordinarily, I put commentary on my charts from covidactnow.org. It’s no longer necessary. Everything is going straight up. We are now reaping what we sowed for Thanksgiving. It takes about two weeks after a super-spreading event for cases and hospitalizations to grow, and that’s exactly where we’re at now. When I first started

Success & Failure — Data from 7 Countries

Periodically, I think it’s a good idea to compare the U.S. overall to other countries around the world. I’ve been following 7 countries since the pandemic began, and an update is due. The metrics readily available and uniform are very limited. There’s no testing data, no hospitalization info, no Rt calculations, etc. We have cases

Trump May Get His Travel Ban After All *

Charts and Graphics with this Update E2 – Cumulative Cases per 1M, 7 Countries E3 – Daily New Cases per 1M, 7 Countries E6 – Daily Fatalities, 7 Countries LD1 – Local Dashboard [SD Only] VS1 – Vital Statistics, San Diego Area VS2 – Vital Statistics, Southern California & 5 States VS3 – Southern California

April 6, 2020 – Country Comparison

Last night I watched the Dateline special on the situation in Bergamo, Italy, where hospitals are overwhelmed. This morning I saw several posts on social media indicating that we were winning the battle by physical distancing. So I thought it would be useful to compare San Diego County and California with two places out of