A New, More Contagious COVID Strain?

“Nations around the world are stopping flights from England to prevent the spread of a new strain of COVID that is 70% more contagious.” Have you heard headlines like this in the past few day? I sure have. I’ve got very mixed feelings about commenting on this, because maybe this will scare some public officials

Learning from Senegal

COVID around the world, Dec. 19, 2020 I have a friend who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal. America’s response to COVID has often been compared to that of a “third world country,” or as Trump calls them, “shithole countries.” My friend sent me a link to a story about how they’re handling the

COVID Update – Nov. 20

I published my last COVID update slightly over two months ago. In the interim, I was working on a series examining conspiracy theories and the logical fallacies that make them possible. The 11 articles that make up that study are all on zorgi.me. In September, cases were decreasing in California. San Diego, LA, and Orange


Many months ago, I was hoping this headline would never see the light of day. Over 200,000 people dead. Here’s what the man in charge of formulating the national strategy on the pandemic had to say about this. So I feel that we’ve done a tremendous job actually, and it’s something that, I don’t think

Vaccines – a perspective

This section is from BB, a healthcare consultant who’s been working with me for several months. He graciously provided the text for the following section, summarizing what’s happened up to now and what we might look forward to regarding vaccines. What else could possibly go wrong? The Trump Administration’s response to the covid-19 pandemic has