Update #7 – April 4, 2020 *

Comments on today’s report, April 4, 2020.

  1. The backlog of tests in California has largely been cleared up, going from almost 60,000 to 13,000 today. California’s rate of 288 per 100,000 people is still less than the US average of 491, but it’s a big improvement. Even better, the clearing up of these cases did not lead to a big spike in positive cases. In fact, California’s doubling rate of 6.5 days was actually better than yesterday’s rate of 5.6 days.
  2. The situation in the US as a whole is not as good. Cumulative cases per 10k people has doubled in the last week, and new cases per day per 100K people has gone from just under 6 to over 10 in one week, indicating that we are still in the early stages of the crisis.
  3. The rate of daily new cases in San Diego County has been relatively flat for 3 or 4 days. Keep up the physical distancing, everyone!

Comments from Readers & My Responses

The following are some of the comments from readers on Reddit and other social media platforms where I regularly post. Reader comments are in italics and color. My responses are in plain text. If there is more than one commenter without a response, they are separated by different colors.

When we compare to other parts of the country who were late in placing stay at home orders, I think we prove the point. Stay at home.

Yes, so far, physical distancing is the only proven effective way of dealing with the virus, and we’re fortunate that CA was one of the first states to put this into effect.

Excellent data. Thanks for sharing. I find the most value in the rates of change and doubling time. I’m annoyed by the news focusing on total cases since over time most have resolved yet continue to be reported. I want to see number of new cases found per area, per day for the last three weeks. That shows live hotspots and where the current issues are. I am very proud of North County keeping the numbers of new cases really low.

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