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I’ve been needing a repository for my FAQ’s, definitions, sources, etc., and now I have one. I’m still working on the site, but it has most of the content I need, including every post I’ve ever done since March 29. It’s kind of interesting to go back and look at the tiny numbers: Encinitas had 18 cases, SD County only had 519. 2,438 people had died at that point.

I’ll be working on the page, COVID in California, so that even if I don’t display a chart on a particular day, you can go there and interactively see what’s happening. These charts are mirrors of the charts on my master spreadsheet, and they get updated whenever I add new data to the tables. Currently, I have charts for CA, SD County and LA County, but I’ll be adding more.

Most of all, I’d like your feedback. Is there something missing that you’d really like to see? Is the navigation OK? Let me know! The site is in WordPress, and I’m not really a WP expert, so I won’t be offended if you think something is really not up to par.

No updates from SD or LA County

San Diego County took a break on the 4th and LA County is redoing part of their web portal, so no new numbers at all today, except on the state level. Here I got data through yesterday. I’m still working on this section to provide the same level of analysis I can do at the county level, so there’s only one summary table ready, SDT1.

In case growth, AZ and FL lead the way, with 316% growth for AZ and 216% for FL. CA had a “lower” growth of 113%, bringing the total in the state to almost 255,000. The problem is, the case doubling days in CA went down, from 29 days to 28 — not a good sign at all. Of course, that’s not nearly as bad as Florida, where that metric went from 42 days to just 14 days, or TX, where it went from 29 days to 18 days.

The daily case count shows some truly alarming figures. For example, in FL it went from 985 cases a day to a whopping 8,215 – a 734% increase. That makes CA’s increase of 167% look good by comparison, even though we went from 2,587 cases a day to 6,902 per day. AZ jumped 391%, from 713 to 3,500; GA up 284%, from 682 to 2,619; OK up 371%, from 91 to 429; and TX up 377%, from 1,449 to 6,917 cases per day.

Fortunately, the increase in fatalities is not nearly as large, but remember, fatalities are a lagging indicator. They’re behind cases by 2 to 3 weeks. And since all over the country there are reports of hospitals running out of room, we can expect these numbers to go up significantly.

Meanwhile, on July 4, Germany had a grand total of 418 cases and 8 deaths. Denmark had 0 new cases (yes, zero) and 0 deaths. France had 582 new cases and 0 deaths. In fact, if you sort the Worldometer chart by “new deaths,” the U.S. is #5 with a low for us of 155 deaths. But then reverse the search from lowest to highest. There are 154 countries with zero deaths, and the US is #211 out of 215.

This is the sign of a defeated country, a country that has ignored science, ignored the advice of health professionals and is led by a “general” who is more interested in fomenting racial hatred than protecting public health.

I realize there are probably very few people who voted for Trump in 2016 who read my updates. But I know there are some. I urge you to think very seriously about your vote in this next election. You could somewhat legitimately claim in 2016 that you wanted to “shake things up.”

You can’t claim that anymore. Your candidate made in crystal clear in South Dakota that he is basing his entire campaign on overt racism. He is unabashedly the candidate of “white power.”

When your kids and grandkids ask you about this year, what are you going to tell them? And they will ask, believe me. Are you going to be able to tell them that you made a few mistakes, but then you saw the light? Or are you going to change the subject because your choice was so antithetical to the dreams of freedom loving people everywhere?

Comments from Readers & My Responses

The following are some of the comments from readers on Reddit and other social media platforms where I regularly post. Reader comments are in italics and color. My responses are in plain text. If there is more than one commenter without a response, they are separated by different colors.

It’s truthfully just upsetting to see how a virus became politicized. A virus. While other countries successfully called on their residents to be responsible, and do the right thing, the US struggles to simply get people to agree that masks are safe. I hope that people start to wake up a little in light of FL and TX’s ridiculous surge in cases, but who knows

I was watching a news report from Europe a couple of nights ago, and the reporter said that it didn’t matter at all whether you were on the left or the right there — you listened to public health officials. This is what happens when one of our major political parties abandons science completely and indulges in myths and fairy tales.

Agreed. Generally, I try to avoid blindly listenting to officials due to the glaring issues that can result from that. However, this is different. I’ve done my research on COVID, but I know a fraction of information compared to public health officials who have dedicated decades of their lives studying viruses and pandemics. I really doubt that a researcher whose spent their entire life studying this field is telling people to wear masks to make Trump look bad.

If the public health officials, researchers, and scientists tell me to wear a mask? I’m wearing a mask. It’s just that simple

I find this information really valuable – as an engineer, I love numbers. Words can be so misused and easily misleading or misunderstood. The numbers are horrifying honestly and the number of deaths we will see as a country over the next few weeks, we can do nothing about due to the lag period you mention – and most of them are completely unnecessary. Sadly these numbers do nothing to lower my anxiety or frustration because so many people are more concerned about their “constitutional” rights than not spreading this disease. Anywho, Ill just say thank you because I LOVE NUMBERS lol

Thanks. I fear this will be a long, slow slog through hell until we get a new commander in chief.

Hey Zorgi, hoping all is well and hope you had a nice 4th of July!

Kinda venting comment today. I’m starting to get real worried about where we’re heading in this pandemic and how we are handling it .I was hoping that with cases going up in more 40 states in the U.S we would be taking this seriously, considering how bad it was when the pandemic first started in March, it seems we’ve learned nothing. All the president seems to care about is deaths are going down, which is great, but cases and hospitalizations are rising faster than our healthcare workers can keep up with . It’s quite unbelievable seeing Florida with 11,000 new cases in one day and the president literally saying the same day “cases are 99% harmless”, I think those 129,000+ deaths say otherwise.

Thanks for letting me vent

I think history will judge this buffoon as one of the worst leaders ever to plague civilization. He’s certainly worse than Woodrow Wilson, who was a racist of the worst kind and unleashed the pandemic on Europe. We need to vent. It’s important. And then we need to turn that venting into voting. Not just for president, but for everyone who has donned the Republican cult uniform.

For every Trump, there are a hundred Kristin Gaspars, who smooth over his slimy evil and try to make their party palatable to people who still have a sense of morality and ethics. They must be swept from office. Our future as free citizens depends on it.

The WHO has said that coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets, expelled when infected people sneeze or exhale. These droplets could be spread on surfaces or carried short distances. In their letter, the scientists outlined evidence that even smaller particles are infecting people. The scientists say they think the virus can linger in the air for long periods and float for several metres, infecting anyone nearby. If that’s true, it means coronavirus could spread through ventilation and air conditioning systems in businesses, schools, nursing homes and unit blocks. It also means that buses and other confined spaces dangerous even when people stay 1.8 metres from one another. Lidia Morawska, a professor of atmospheric sciences and environmental engineering at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane is one of the scientists who wrote the letter. “We are 100 per cent sure about this,” she told AAP.

Yes, this is why I’m pretty much staying out of any inside places, except for a minute or so. The really insane thing was that picture of the mist sprayers cooling off the trumpers in AZ.

Long live Zorgi!!!!! I love these updates my friend and can’t thank you enough. You always deliver.

I can’t believe the state of our collective ignorance either. My landlord today had another spot open up and she told me when the potential candidate had “21 questions about how the shared house handled COVID-19 (sanitization/masks/etc.)” she immediately went “SWIPE, DELETE!”.

She’s telling me as if I’m supposed to, or assumed to, agree that it was annoying she was so concerned about COVID-19. I responded with “that is truly disappointing” and she thought I was agreeing with her…..

Thanks so much. I’m sorry you had to go through this. It’s what happens when a president glorifies stupidity, ignorance, fear, and racism. People who would otherwise be embarrassed by their utter lack of knowledge now feel it’s a badge of honor. It’s as if the Dunning-Kruger effect became the national philosophy.

Zorgi, I just wanted to once again say thank you so much for keeping us informed of the situation. These numbers are depressing, the situation is spiraling, and people seem to becoming more divided but knowing what you’re facing is so much more important than not knowing. Cancer will still kill you regardless of if you care to acknowledge it or not. I appreciate your tone in shaming those who choose to be on the wrong side of history during this time as well. I can’t remain silent about my feelings for trump supporters or Republicans in general any longer. They’re the party of hatred and ignorance. Every person like you helps get that message across and even if you only reach one person with your message that’s one less person we have to worry about. I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. Thanks again my friend for making me proud to share the same city as you.

Yours was the first message I saw this morning, and what a great one it is. As depressing as things are today, I am full of hope. I have never seen in my 72 years so many people anxious to set our country on a new direction. I think that is why the privileged white trumpsters are so angry. They sense that their world, built on the subjugation of others, is falling apart. Even though they are pawns in trump’s game, their identities are bound up with his narcissistic vision. And thank you — so far, my whole extended family of around 50 people has been safe.

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