Conspiracy Theories, Part 2

[ This is post #2 in the series, “Finding reality in a post truth world.” ] In Part 1, I looked at some of the more prominent conspiracy theories, their prevalence, and the dangers they pose. In Part 2, I’ll examine the underpinnings of conspiracy theories, showing how they rest on cognitive fallacies that we

Conspiracy Theories, Part 1

[ This is post #1 in the series, “Finding reality in a post truth world.” ] QAnon is now part of mainstream politics in America, at least insofar as Trump is part of mainstream politics. At first a rarity, today people wearing “Q” tee shirts and displaying QAnon slogans at Trump rallies are ubiquitous. This

A New Direction

When I started the covid updates way back in March, data was scarce, and analysis of the data was even more scarce. That isn’t the case now at all. Not only are there sites like, but the stuff put out by the various public health departments is much, much better than it used to be.


Many months ago, I was hoping this headline would never see the light of day. Over 200,000 people dead. Here’s what the man in charge of formulating the national strategy on the pandemic had to say about this. So I feel that we’ve done a tremendous job actually, and it’s something that, I don’t think

Vaccines – a perspective

This section is from BB, a healthcare consultant who’s been working with me for several months. He graciously provided the text for the following section, summarizing what’s happened up to now and what we might look forward to regarding vaccines. What else could possibly go wrong? The Trump Administration’s response to the covid-19 pandemic has